​Trade fairs

New products shine in the flash

Trade fairs are always very special moments and challenges for companies and their partners. Innovations or products are presented, management and business partners, marketing as well as politicians and stakeholders are present. BILDSCHÖN accompanies you right from the start. Our local photographers and film teams are at the disposal of the stand builder or the company from the construction of the stand through to the finished stand and the activities at the fair. So no matter where the fair takes place, we have local photographers and film teams in our network for you. And you can reach us around the clock. Surely you want to record the structure of the fair - perhaps even with a time lapse - the finished stand, the tours with politicians etc., but also the new products in pictures or film sequences. And perhaps also spread it very quickly.

We have often experienced that for award ceremonies or galas single-player films or trailers, but also make-up artists and stylists were needed for presenters and we could offer a full service of all services in the field of image with our organization. Use the photo and film shots for company presentations, catalogues, brochures, magazines or websites, press work, as well as for social media !

Call us gladly ! We have the perfect solution for you !

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